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Athena Farrokhzad:
Writing as a Means of Struggle / Writing as an Archive of the Unthinkable (Workshop)

FRE 16.11. 11:00-16:00
LÖ 17.11. 11:00-16:00

Museum of Impossible Forms, Gungbrädsgränden 4 E

Workshop fullbokad!

Språk: engelska
Längd: 10 h

What is memory? What is art? What is struggle? What is trauma? What wounds dwell in the subconscious, how is the subconscious structured as language and how do we write, if writing is a game of darts, where the arrows are boomerangs? What does it mean to use writing as an archive of the unthinkable, both in the past and the future? Why do we keep decorating the dinner table of the power which holds us hostage? What are the implications of mobilizing the necessary strength in order to fight for vulnerability?

In this workshop, we collectively explore how writing can be used as a way of transforming subjects and societies. Participation does not require previous experience in creative writing.

Athena Farrokhzad is invited to Helsinki by Blaue Frau, a Finnish-Swedish feminist theatre duo, in the frame of their Nordic norm-critical workshop series funded by the Nordic Culture Fund.

Blaue Frau is Sonja Ahlfors & Joanna Wingren. The duo was established in 2005 after being part of the Nordic drag king group Sub Frau. Blaue Frau has toured the Nordic Countries and Europe with several workshops and productions.

Museum of Impossible Forms is accessible by lift with no thresholds on the way. The toilet has no thresholds but is not spacious enough to meet accessibility standards. Nearest accessible toilet is located at Kontula metro station.


Photo: Khashayar Naderehvandi