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Angela Goh:
Creeping the Desert and Navigating the Uncanny Valley:
Process, Form and Embodiment (workshop)

SÖ 18.11. 11:00–18:00

Konstuniversitetets teaterhögskolan, Aspnäsgatan 6

15 €
Språk: engelska
Längd: 7 h

In the workshop we will explore source materials which informed the process for making Desert Body Creep and Uncanny Valley Girl. This includes texts, ideas, conversations, movement practices, soundtracks, cinema, puppetry and more. Through sharing these threads we will connect tangents and follow the threads of what came to be a set of speculative webs, and what continues to inform the works, such as robotics, wormholes, subterranean spirits and the undead.

The workshop is aimed at professionals and students of dance, choreography and performance. Enrolment via the Open Campus of Helsinki University of the Arts by Oct 31.

In collaboration with Theatre Academy of the University of the Arts Helsinki.

Photo: Matt Cornell