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Wednesday 14.11.

Get to know the festival shop’s book selection!

During the festival week, you can find a little festival shop at Cirko! The selection consists books and magazines and most of the publications are by our festival artists or relate otherwise to the performances. Take a look!

The shop is beside the box office and merchandise at Cirko’s 2nd floor hallway (Kaasutehtaankatu 1 / building 8) and it’s open in the following way:

TUE 17–21
WED 12–16
THU 17–21
FRI 17–21
SAT 17–21

· Culture magazine Kontur, issues 1/2018: Vänskap, 2/2018: Skönhet and 3-4/2018: Decline

Kontur is a laboratory for examining the potential in writing and living together. We explore established notions from new angles. We keep reimagining the editorial process and the printed object. Kontur is in a state of flux. In making it, it also shapes us, the people creating it. Kontur is based in Helsinki.

In issue #3–4 of Kontur, we’re trying to wrest back control over our own narratives of decline and downfall. Over 128 pages, sixteen writers from three continents, writing in three languages, approach decline from their personal points of view. The result is a mix of essays, autobiography, fiction and poetry.

The texts point towards some of the myriads of ways people are turning decline into resistance, possibilities for renewal, nuancing, or forgiving. The writers talk of gender, community, organization, mental health, body, history and the family. They convey feelings of uncertainty and complexity – as well as the strength, awkwardness, guilt and delicious humor often found in difficult places.

Kontur 3-4/2018 is a collaboration between: Otso Harju, Mattias Lehtinen, Rosie Carter, anonymous writer, Natha Wahlang, Shalini Mahadev, Elisabeth Wide, Henri Pienimaa, Katarina Rytkönen, Mirjam Yeboah, Helen Korpak, Flis Holland, Karim Zakhour, Vilhelmina Öhman, Inkeri Rönnberg, Kaneli Johansson, Veera Nuutinen, Hilla Kurki and Samuli Saarinen.

· Motus collective: Hello Stranger (30 €)

Hello Stranger is a photography book that celebrates the 25-year journey of the legendary Motus collective.

· Michiel Brouwer: Lapponensis (55 €)

· Sonya Lindfors (edit.) Blackness and the postmodern
(10 €)

Following books are in Finnish:

· Koko Hubara: Ruskeat Tytöt (28 €)

· Roxane Gay: Bad Feminist (in Finnish) (28 €)

· Rupi Kaur: Maitoa ja Hunajaa (20 €)

· Honkasalo & Koski: Mielen rajoilla – arjen kummat kokemukset (15 €)

· Katariina Numminen, Maria Kilpi, Mari Hyrkkänen (toim.) Dramaturgiakirja – kaikki järjestyy aina (20 €)

· Tuomas Timonen (toim.) Eka kerta – Näytelmäantologia osa I (15 €) & Antagonisti – Näytelmäantologia osa II (20 €)