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Many Hands and Rumbling Stomachs

Kate McIntosh and Rabih Mroué return to Baltic Circle festival

The 16th Baltic Circle ​International​ ​Theatre​ ​Festival​ ​takes​ ​place​ ​in​ ​Helsinki on the November 12-17, 2019. The festival programme includes performances by two internationally acclaimed artists who might already be familiar to the festival audience.

The festival starts by testing, touching, listening, searching and sniffing. In Many Hands steps away from the stage and brings the audience into a series of aesthetic sensory situations, inviting them to experiment with materials and encounter physical phenomena themselves. The performance is created by Kate McIntosh who also brought us the living installation Worktable last autumn. In Many Hands is created in collaboration with Cirko – Center for New Circus.

In 2016 Rabih Mroué visited Baltic Circle with his performance Riding on a Cloud that intertwined political history, personal memories, fact and fiction. This fall he returns to the festival with Lina MajdalanieMazen Kerbaj and Borborygmys – a score about the world today, a black comedy, a requiem for the living. The last show of the festival takes place in Louhisali, Espoo, presenting fragments of thoughts and feelings about life, death and the digestive system. Borborygmus is presented in collaboration with Espoon kaupunginteatteri – The International Theatre in Finland.

Kate McIntosh: In Many Hands inManeesi, Cirko – Center for New Circus on Tuesday and Wednesday, Nov 12–13. The tickets will be available from September 13.

Madjalanie, Kerbaj, Mroué: Borborygmus in Louhisali, Espoo, on Sunday, November 17 at 6pm. Tickets are now available via Tiketti.

The festival programme in its entirety will be released on September 13, 2019.

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Image: Mandy Lyn, Unknown (Kate McIntosh: In Many Hands)