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A Kilo of Art (workshop)

WED 14.11. 11:00–15:00

Maneesi, Cirko – Center for New Circus, Kaasutehtaankatu 1 (building 8)

Free entry
Duration: ~4 h

Baltic Circle has been running a three-year initiative Impact Festival since 2016. The initiative produces and examines performances and discussions that focus on the social and societal dimensions of art and ways of making an impact through artistic work.

The impact of art has been studied and demonstrated through different parameters and methods, especially in recent times, following the general social trend of quantifying and monetising everything. For two years, we have studied the impact of art through methods of artistic research within the Impact Festival programme. The initiative’s head researcher Pekka Kantonen has made video interviews with both spectators and creators on their expectations and experiences on art, before and after the event.

As a festival, we are interested both in producing impactful artworks and understanding the traces that the pieces and the processes surrounding them leave on creators, the festival organisation, the audience and society. How do we define meaning and significance in this time, given the status quo of our society? How can we evaluate the impact and relevance of our own actions? What are our blind spots?   

We invite you to see the outcomes of the video interviews, to discuss them on an equal level and to share your own messages with those who measure, evaluate, and slice art. The invited group is composed of art influencers, funders, creators and lovers. Be one of them. The event lasts approximately four hours. Lunch will be served free of charge. The event is held in Finnish. English translation is available.

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Working group: Satu Herrala, Pekka Kantonen, Hanna Nyman

Supported by: Koneen Säätiö