Baltic Circle

International Theatre Festival

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DAS Theatre @ Baltic Circle

Curator conversations:
Thu 16.11. 12:00
Konepajan Bruno
Aleksis Kiven katu 17A
Duration: 2 h
Free entry

Silent Reflection:
Fri 17.11. 21:30
Sat 18.11. 22:00
Maneesi, Cirko – Uuden sirkuksen keskus
Free entry

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Curator conversations

The students and tutors from the Expanded Curator profile at DAS Theatre Amsterdam are investigating qualities of curatorial practice. They invite the audience to meet and discuss with curators Satu Herrala (Baltic Circle) and Pauliina Feodoroff (First Nations Program).

“The programme of the Baltic Circle International Theatre Festival provides rich ground for discussing notions of co-curatorship, collaboration, (in)equality, power-relations and relating the local to the global. We were triggered by the conscious choices and the clear diverse entry points and topics that are able to interact and entangle throughout this programme. We are curious to explore in conversation the working strategies of Satu and Pauliina, and their discoveries that have been made along the way.”

Silent Reflection

On Friday and Saturday evening you are invited to join the students and tutors of DAS Theatre Amsterdam Expanded Curator profile in a silent reflection game where we extend the suspension between seeing a work and solidifying your impressions. Through remembering, imagining, wishing and wondering we layer our thoughts together into a collective memory.

The visit of DAS Theatre students and tutors is supported by The Finnish Cultural Institute for the Benelux.