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Wednesday 20.12.

Thank you for 2017!

Thank you for the past year to the artists, partners, supporters, staff, volunteers and audience! We are on holiday until January, 8. Do keep your eyes and ears open in January and February as we have some news coming up about our spring season! Happy holiday season and joyful New year 2018!

Free Events Every Day!

There are plenty of free events on every festival day! Check them out below.

Intimate delight and sensitivity

A few weeks ago, Baltic Circle’s communications assistant Essi Brunberg had a chance to sit down with Julius Elo and Xana, the creators of Sleeping Beauty, to discuss their experiences, thoughts and feelings regarding not only their work on the performance, but the themes surrounding it as well.

Festival programme in a nutshell

You can see all of the festival programme from here, where we will update the ticket situation and eventual changes.

Read Much. Learn Much.

Did you know that we will also have a little bookstore during the festival?

Baltic Circle continues discussion on freedom of expression in the arts: Case Ceci n’est pas…

In November 2014 the police of Helsinki censored the final scene of the piece Ceci n’est pas… by Dries Verhoeven as an act of public obscenity. In September 2017 the Supreme Administrative Court published their decision on the case, overturning the previous judgments by the police and Helsinki administrative court. What does this case tell about the art in public space, the freedom of artistic expression, and our society today?

How to Find Baltic Circle’s Festival Brochure

Baltic Circle’s glittery festival brochures have now been delivered to libraries, coffee shops and other nice places around Helsinki. Check out the nearest distributor from the list and pick up your own copy. You can also browse the brochure online.

Anyone who wants to see the sunlight clearly needs to wipe their eye first*

A 100-year-old Finland seems to have something of a blind spot. It has built a myth of a monoculture by violently pushing out others; by denying equal rights for Sami and Roma groups and forcing them to blend into the white majority. The myth has been constructed in a systematic fashion and has been deeply embedded in Finnish power structures such as different state institutions and media, not least in arts and culture. It lives inside these systems and has morphed with time into an invisible, white norm.

Baltic Circle 2017 Programme Announced!

The next edition of Baltic Circle International Theatre Festival takes place in Helsinki on the November 14–19, 2017. The programme features Finnish premieres, international guest performances and a program of works and encounters exploring the history and present situation of the indigenous Sámi people.

For Those Who Want to See All

Baltic Circle’s tickets are now for sale. By popular demand, we have brought back the Festival Pass!