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Post-MJ Era Institute Of Consciousness:

Wed 15.11. 18:00
Thu 16.11. 18:00

Teater Viirus
Välimerenkatu 14

17 / 12 €
Duration: ~3 h

Language: English

AFTERLIFE is a simulation of Michael Jackson’s afterlife in the era of major pop deaths; a daring and hallucinatory get-together, creating a space for a joint voyage into the post-mortem consciousness of Jackson.

AFTERLIFE is a cut in the multiverse. It offers a one-time chance to step into a parallel spacetime and to meet Jackson’s spirit eye to eye.

AFTERLIFE reaches into the other side so we would momentarily feel what it’s like to be inside the head of a controversial pop star and just how beautiful it is to be free of selfhood.

Post-MJ Era Institute Of Consciousness is a performance collective and a research body run by individuals who grew up within the pop culture of the 80’s and 90’s. The mission behind the Institute is to articulate the influences of the spectacle through the mythical terrain created by Michael Jackson.

The Institute’s previous work includes an exploration of Jackson’s life work and superstardom called Neverland (URB 15), as well as Wake (Baltic Circle 2015), a club-meets-funeral mirroring the effects of Jackson’s passing on humanity. AFTERLIFE is the third and final part of the Post-MJ trilogy.

Post-MJ Era Institute Of Consciousness:
Michael-Jan Havia, Ilpo Heikkinen, Corinna Helenelund, Anne Hiekkaranta, Ossi Koskelainen, Ilmari Paananen, Liisa Pesonen, Tino Singh, Diana Tenkorang, Emmi Venna

Supported by Koneen Säätiö

In collaboration with Teater Viirus

Afterlife Afterparty at Viirus bar on Wednesday! Join us for a special DJ set by Linda Lazarov and Sansibar after the performance. Free entrance! K-18