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First Nations Cinema

Sun 19.11.

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The screening consists of three documentary films. The language of the films is English except for Jukajoki (Finnish with English subtitles). Introduction by Pauliina Feodoroff.

Konepajan Bruno, Aleksis Kiven katu 17A.
Free entry.

Return of the River 
John Gussman,  Jessica Plumb
2014 | 69 min

Return of the River follows a group of strong-minded committed people as they attempt the impossible: to change the public opinion of a town and eventually the nation to bring a dam down. The community comes to a consensus, setting the Elwha River free and showing the way to more sustainable future. Amid grim environmental news, Return of the River is a film infused with hope.

Fort Good Hope
Ron Orieux
1977 | 47 min

Shot during the Berger Inquiry into the Mackenzie Valley pipeline, this short documentary brings us the perspective of Canada’s First Nations communities. The majority feel that the pipeline would destroy their ancient hunting grounds and upset the balance of nature, and that Canada’s title to the land is far from settled. Though made in the late seventies, Fort Good Hope seems more relevant than ever, and raises important questions about northern development in general.

Tom Miller
2016 | 55 min

Contamination from a peat mining operation severely damaged the Jukajoki River in Northern Karelia, Finland. To save their watershed, the villages of Selkie and Alavi joined together, winning an unprecedented victory that is changing the face of resource conservation in Finland. This artful, funny, and inspiring film challenges our assumptions of rural life and sheds light on a new model of collaboration that is a beacon of hope, in a future often portrayed at the brink of darkness.

Photo: John Gussman